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27 July 2021
Saimeen Jafar Patel


Turbhe Vashi
Tel: (022) 27831203
Navi Mumbai,
India 400705

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Our Mission/Vision


Vision of Anjuman-I-Islam

To bring out the Muslim Community from the quagmire of poverty and educational backwardness and encourage, enlighten and prepare all its member to be useful citizens who will contribute to make a prosperous, healthy and   strong nation and to promote National integration by giving equal opportunity to all communities for their promotion and progress.


To provide an atmosphere where the values of life would be voluntarily acceptable by all students with academic excellence.
We see our mission as "Education For Life" and we believe that we assist students to progressively accept more responsibility for self-discipline, to develop self-respect, to contribute to the community, to develop a love of learning and to strive for excellence.
As the future unfolds, it may provide opportunities & challenges, our endeavour will be to create responsive educational structure that will enable the future generation to contribute more effectively to the development of technology, relevant to the times & attitudes of building a constructive society, rich in values & standards.
We believe in defining & providing a pattern of education & conduct programmes within the new frame-work which will prepare multi-disciplined trained students who can rank amongst the best even in the international level.
Our vision is to endow the student with scientific zeal & ability to face life without sacrificing moral values.